Tree Planting

There Are Many Things to Consider When Planting a Tree.

Knowing what type of tree to plant, how to plant it and where to plant are all important factors to ensure trees and shrubs thrive in the landscape and meet long term property goals. Goals can be such things as energy savings, shade over your house can cut utility bills by up to 30%. Other goals or reasons for planting trees can be for privacy, aesthetics, increasing property value, creating wind breaks, for nuts or fruit or simply for beauty.

Tree Placement

It’s essential to consider the tree’s full size when determining the placement of the tree. Correct placement is critical when planting for energy efficiency in the home and also for low maintenance as the tree grows. A good rule of thumb is to plant at least 20 to 40 feet from the house depending on the type of tree. You want the tree to spread into the space naturally without excessive maintenance and pruning as the tree matures. For energy efficiency, location is important for advantages year round. You want shade and screening during the summer, but you don’t want to block warming affects during the winter. So it’s good to avoid planting near the house on Southern exposures, especially evergreens.

Tree Selection

Tree selection is also an important factor to consider. For example, decidous trees provide advantages year round by providing shade in the summer and then losing their leaves so as not to block warming effects during the winter. Evergreens can be more effective as wind and noise barriers. Certain trees thrive better and certain soils and some thrive better in direct sunlight versus shade. Another thing to consider is where the tree is sourced. We use a local nursery for sourcing our trees that we have used for many years due to their methods of growing trees. The trees are raised and pruned for best survivability and growth using methods that many other nurseries do not implement.

Planting Process

Many tree services don’t plant trees the correct way. The most common mistake made by other tree services is planting trees too deep and covering up the root flare. If improper depth is used and the root flare is not exposed, the tree will become unstable as it grows leading to the death of the tree. It’s also important to distinguish between container grown trees and trees grown in root bags. Container grown trees can have dysfunctional root systems, so it’s important to shave the root system before planting. We follow a 12 step process when planting trees to ensure they grow quickly and maintain health including considerations such as choosing the appropriate location, digging the correct planting pit, providing proper drainage for the tree’s survival, pruning to prevent problems, and protecting the tree from animals and humans after the trees planted.

Consult With Us

If you are thinking about having a tree planted for landscaping or for energy efficiency, it’s important to consult with a tree expert. We will ensure you get the right kind of tree planted using the correct planting process to ensure the longevity of your tree and that your property goals are met. We can consult with you on all of these factors by inspecting your property and making recommendations to ensure you will be happy with your new tree for generations to come.

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