Tree Pruning

There Are Several Reasons Why You Would Need a Tree Pruned from an Experienced Professional.

If your tree appears sickly, it will often help to prune it. Our expert tree professionals can tell if pruning will help or if there are other factors that need to be addressed. Removing damaged, dead or diseased branches can make the tree stronger by directing food and water to strong parts of the tree and also prevent insects and organisms from entering the tree. It can also increase air and sunlight by thinning the canopy, thus resulting in fewer disease issues. Another common reason to prune a tree is to prevent property damage from limbs growing too close to structures or for safety reasons from limbs growing too close to walkways or driveways.

There Are Several Types of Tree Pruning That We Commonly Perform:

Crown Cleaning

We remove dead, diseased or dying branches from the tree’s crown as preventative maintenance to keep trees healthy. It allows more light to pass through the tree, reduces wind resistance and reduces weight of limbs when done correctly. This service is often carried out with deadwooding.


Branches and limbs can die on a tree which can cause hazards during storms or high winds. They can also affect the overall health of the tree if left by spreading rot to healthy areas as well as fungus issues.

Reduction Pruning

We selectively remove branches and stems to reduce height and / or spread of the tree in order to minimize risk to nearby buildings or structures. No more than 25% of the tree’s foliage should be removed to keep the tree healthy.

Structure Pruning

Trees can grow abnormally in landscaping as compared to trees in the forest due to the abundance of sunlight. Trees in the forest grow tall and straight due to competition for light in the canopy. With the abundance of light in landscaped trees, trees can grow multiple trunks which are more likely to result in structural failure. We can prune trees to favor a dominant trunk which promotes structural integrity of the tree. Dominate trunks are also able to better retard disease and decay.

Fruit Tree Pruning

Pruning fruit trees is different than pruning regular trees in that it’s needed to be done yearly to maintain and/or improve fruit quality. The best time to do this is in winter or early spring. Pruning helps improve sunlight penetration and airflow. It also helps the tree maintain structural integrity to support crop load.

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