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We Are the Most Trusted Tree Removal Experts in Central Wisconsin.

We can remove any type of tree of any size in any location. In addition to being licensed, bonded and insured, we take great care to not impact lawns and property while performing work. We have an Avant Loader with special tires that has zero impact on lawns. Many of our competitors use standard loaders and tires that are quick to damage lawns and landscaping. We also have a Nifty Lift with a 70′ reach and turf tires to prevent any lawn damage.

Many tree services understand very little about trees and it’s important to hire an experienced and knowledgeable tree service expert. In many cases, salvaging a tree using bracing and cabling, pruning techniques or disease treatment maybe a better option than removal. We can take a look at the issue and give you our expert recommendation.

Here Are Some Common Reasons Why Trees
Are Removed:


The lifespan of trees can last anywhere from 20 years or to 1,000’s of years depending on the type of tree. Death can occur due to the end of a life cycle or due to disease, fire, storms or other outside factors. Dead trees should be removed to remove hazards from property, people and structures.


Disease is a common reason to have a tree removed. Sometimes diseased trees can be treated and saved and sometimes removal is the best option, so it’s important to hire an experienced tree expert to correctly diagnose and treat the tree or determine if removal is necessary. The two most common types of tree disease in the Central Wisconsin area are Oak Wilt and Emeral Oak Bore. You can read more about these tree diseases and our disease control services here.

Proximity and Danger to Property

Often trees are planted too close to houses or other structures. Then when the grow to full size, they grow too close to the structure and can cause damage. Roots can also be problematic when trees are too close to structures. Root systems can rupture water lines and other underground pipes and they can also cause foundation issues.

Landscaping and Lot Clearing

Trees are often removed for landscaping purposes for new houses, lot clearing, creating views or redesign of landscaping. Sometimes tree transplanting is a feasible option and a service we offer. You can read more about our tree planting services here. You can read more about our lot clearing services here.

Many factors can determine the complexity of a tree removal. What is the access to the site? Can equipment be brought in such as our zero impact Avant Loader? Can it be felled in one piece or does it need to be taken down in sections. Will it have to be climbed or can we use our bucket truck? So it’s important to have an experienced tree service expert who knows how to correctly identify all factors in safely and cost effectively removing trees with minimal impact to lawn, landscape and property.

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